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Vape Smoking is the New Trend that You Should Know About

Smoking has always had a negative view towards non smokers, however, a newer and better form paved its way showing a more positive view, which is called vaping. This popular e-cigarette started at around 2004. Although this an alternative to the traditional smoking of cigarettes, it is not approved by the FDA.

The device for vaping has three basic parts inlcluding the battery, e-juice and the cartridge. The battery can be charged and used either automatic or manually. Just like any rechargeable batteries, it has a port to connect to any power sharing device which makes it convenient for traveling. The e-cigarette works when the switch on is pressed and the battery releases energy to heat up the atomizer to make the vape juice create a vapor.

The function of the atomizer is that it is the one that turns that vape juice into a vape cloud and it can be found inside the cartridge. The vape cloud is what makes the experience interesting and fun. There are cig-a-likes that already have filled cartridges but you can also buy those which you can fill on your own. This allows you to choose your kind of flavor for a better vape experience.

The vape juice is also termed as e-liquid and e-juice. The flavors you can choose from is wide and creative like candy flavors, coffees, menthol, etc. Tobacco e-liquid is available as well giving those traditional smokers the same feeling without putting toxins into their body.Sometimes, these smokers will end up trying other flavors which is a good way to wean from tobacco.

There are three main ingredients in a vape juice which are nicoting, water and flavoring. By those ingredients alone, you can conclude that vaping is better than tobacco smoking. It is also safe to say that toxins are not released, as well as carbon monoxide, when vaping.A vape juice can be mixed depending on preference, especially on how much nicotine will be added by the user.

E-cigarette smoking has the same look and feeling that of the traditional cigarette smoking, especially with the mini e-cigarettes. A lot of heavy tobacco smokers begin with this device and later on would try to other types of e-cigarette devices.

Vape pen is another device which is very popular nowadays. The thickness and long tube design is what makes it recognizable. A device that has a battery with long life span is the box mod. Disposable vape pens are also available.

Lighters and ashtrays are not necessary when vaping. Vaping behind four walls is allowed in some places, and to make the moment last, mixing vape juices can really make the experience even more fun.

Cancer is very common nowadays and many of the cases are due to inhalation of dangerous chemicals which are present in tobacco cigarettes. It is surveyed that almost one billion people smoke in all parts of the earth and just thinking about the amount of toxic chemicals exposed and inhaled by second hand smokers is very fatal. This revolutionary alternative can probably make a huge change.

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